Understanding our work

We believe that education is about learning that transforms life and makes it better than today. Memorizing, which is commonly known as learning in Pakistan, is just a small component of learning and uses limited brain capacity. A huge part of the brain remains unutilized if the learning environment is not allowing its use. Our focus is on unlocking the brain potential through developing and delivering those teaching, learning and assessment techniques that are easy to use and highly impactful. Learning can happen naturally but for desired acquisition of knowledge, skills, behaviors and regulation of emotions, which make a person successful in this constantly changing world, we need appropriate methods, techniques and learning environment. ILFABET aims to identify and fill gaps in education and related fields through research and development.

We categorize our work into three pillars 

Pillar K (Kids)

It includes everything that will help children learn the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in different stages of education and in day to day life. It also includes ethical and civic education to help children grow into a good human being.

Pillar L (Learning)

This pillar is all about learning. It focuses on research to answer the important questions around education and learning and to explore the reasons behind why certain things work or don’t work in this field.

Pillar Y (Youth)

It focuses on youth to help them learn the skills, behaviors and emotional intelligence they need to be successful in life. It particularly focuses on enabling them to be better learners and performers as an employee or entrepreneur.

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiastic, passionate, and innovative researchers, evaluators, educators, neuro-learning, and psychology professionals, who are committed to bringing change in education and learning that meets the need of changing time.

Training and Development

When it comes to educating children and youth and supporting them in their learning process, training and developing teachers’ and mentors’ skills is the key. At ILFABET, we believe in working closely with teachers and mentors to help them in learning and implementing the right methods/techniques that are based on learners’ learning needs.

Education, Neuroscience and Psychology

Education is incomplete without involving neuroscience and psychology. These two fields are often neglected in education but in reality, psychology and neuroscience bring in the expertise related to mental health and learning about, skills, behaviors and emotional intelligence. At ILFABET, we are using these fields to answer many unanswered questions through research and development and partnering with teachers, parents, mentors, and employers to be the catalysts in children and youth success in life.

How can we help you in making children and youth successful??