Our Team

Together, we are rethinking the entire concept of education and learning.

Sumbal Naveed

Education Expert

Sumbal is an education expert, who is passionate about learning education and learning focused issues through research and develops techniques that meet the current needs of education. She believes that the techniques used for education are getting older and we need to rethink the entire concept of education and learning. She has worked with the Brookings Institution as a research fellow where her passion and skills in research and development flourished and resulted in the creation of ILFABET. 

Muddassir Ahmed

Mechanical Engineer

Muddassir is a behavioral Intelligence coach and a mechanical engineer by profession. Using neuro-learning (to which he calls neuro-education) and helping people solve their psychological, behavioral and learning issues is his passion. Muddassir joined ILFABET from its conception and provided psychological and neuro-learning expertise in developing the teaching-learning techniques and the skill sets required for children’s success.

Aftab Khushk

Evaluation and Assessment Expert 


Aftab has an extensive and diverse experience in the arena of education assessment. His experience and expertise in managing education assessment programs from early to higher secondary education level have enabled teachers to improve the overall academic environment from the classroom to school levels among various heterogeneous as well as homogeneous cultural conditions.

Mohammad Shahidul Islam

Author, Researcher, and Policy Specialist

Mohammad Shahidul Islam is an expert program evaluator and works internationally for non-profit and for-profit organizations and donors. He conducted and commissioned several researches and did national and international level advocacy for evidence-based policy making in education sector internationally. Over the years, he has developed his capacity in qualitative, quantitative and mixed method research methods and strategic planning in developing and conflict & crises affected countries. His geographic experience covers South Asia, Middle East, North America, and Africa. His research foci include improvement of students’ learning outcomes and equity & inclusion in education. The University of Toronto Press in Canada has recently published his book, The Political Economy of Education in South Asia: Fighting Poverty, Inequality and Exclusion.
Mr. Islam specialized in education policy from Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. 

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