Top skills requested for this position include information and network security, cryptography, information systems and authentication. Senior cybersecurity architects make an average salary of $172,267, and salaries can range from $105,000 to $253,500, according to ZipRecruiter. As the world becomes more and more connected thanks to the power of the internet, the demand for cybersecurity professionals will only skyrocket. Many industries, organizations, and even governments are eager to attract the best talents in the world. This high demand but little supply also makes this career one of the highest salaries in the market today. When you pick cybersecurity as a career, you are in a position to work in virtually any field or industry you want.

A security operator detects, evaluates, and monitors network security threats. There is a strong demand for security operators with a high experience level and deeper understanding of cyber security concepts. Security operations are a set of strategies and resources designed to maintain network security within an organization. The department is usually made up of different types of cyber security experts with unique technical skills, including security operators. An information security analyst specializes in protecting a company’s private data. They take note of irregularities and alert their employer of possible breaches.

Security Engineer

You don’t need a four-year degree or another undergraduate degree to learn risk analysis. Potential employers just want to see that you can prevent malicious activities. Firewalls are important for protecting network systems from external attacks.

  • However, a cyber security professional’s general task is to install, configure, and ensure security software maintenance that can safeguard the company’s internal network from external threats.
  • You need to be able to learn quickly and be able to adapt to the rapid changes in the tech landscape.
  • They also serve as an important point of contact between organizations and the outside world, helping ensure that data and networks remain safe.
  • This is a valuable place to network and learn about the most recent cyber security threats and hone your skills.
  • CyberSeek lists the average salary for penetration and vulnerability testers at $101,662 and reports that 24% of those hiring seek an advanced degree.
  • They use their knowledge of information security best practices to identify potential vulnerabilities, then create and implement solutions that mitigate risk and defend against attacks.

In this post, we aim to showcase what Cybersecurity is and what potential roles can one take. As with any career, a number of factors can have a large impact on the particular salary a given individual makes. Of course, this is just a sampling of some of the many great jobs in the cybersecurity field. For job seekers looking for high pay, job security and the option to work in any sector and in any state, the cybersecurity field is the place to be. “If you know cybersecurity, then you have a guaranteed job – for life,” states Robert Herjavec, Founder and CEO of Herjavec Group, and Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Top companies hiring cybersecurity professionals cites the annual average salary as $138,946, with higher-level cloud software security engineers earning around $177,000. The Chief Information Security Officer is a cybersecurity job that is kind of like a Cybersecurity Administrator but on a much bigger scale. They are senior-level executives that design and implement security measures for bigger organizations. They handle both the technology and the company policy side of the whole security infrastructure. They may also handle several teams under them performing various tasks depending on the size of the organization. A network security engineer is an IT professional who designs and configures systems to protect an organization’s network from possible security threats.

highest paying cyber security jobs

This specialist ensures developers follow secure coding practices at every step of the SDLC. They also help the development team test the application against specific security risks and parameters prior to its release. In general, security software developers are in great demand, and have plenty of opportunities in IoT and other emerging areas of technology. People in this role analyze reports from these tools to proactively identify unusual or anomalous network behaviors. They may also control file access and credentialing, network updates and firewall maintenance. This article will discuss some of the highest-paying Cyber security jobs that can help you progress in your career by leaps and bounds.

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As the name suggests, Malware Specialists are professionals that focus on analyzing many forms of malware. Malware is a type of software that is designed to cause malicious activities on devices, networks, or servers. They can either aid in outside actors gaining unauthorized access, collecting data, or just causing physical damage. Malware analysts specialize in understanding and neutralizing these harmful codes preventing them from causing damage.

While some job roles are responsible for a specific part of the overall system, cybersecurity talent must be able to take a step back and see the big picture to keep it secure from cyberattacks and data breaches. 15 Beautiful Closet Offices That Prove Bigger Isn’t Always Better If you want to protect your company systems, allocate funds for these professional roles. With companies losing over $500 billion annually to cybercrimes, investing in cybersecurity will help mitigate losses.